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The Korean Language in Kazakhstan

Nelly Pak

ISBN 9783969390658   


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A Reference Grammar of Ersu, a Tibeto-Burman Language of China

Zhang Sihong

ISBN 9783862886951

Research in Tōng-Tài Dialect Phonology

Gu Qian

ISBN 9783862886258

Jeju Language and Tales from the Edge of the Korean Peninsula

Jieun Kiaer

ISBN 9783862885527

Fuzhou tonal acoustics and tonology

Cathryn Donohue

ISBN 9783862885220  

Lexicalisation patterns in Japanese and Chinese

Wenchao Li

ISBN 9783862883738

Studies in Japanese and Korean Linguistics

Bjarke Frellesvig, Jieun Kiaer & Janick Wrona, (eds.)

ISBN 9783862881222  

Selected Papers from the 2nd European Conferenec on Korean Linguistics

Jaehoon Yeon and Jieun Kiaer (eds.)

ISBN 9783895865923   

Japanese Conjunction

Tatsuya Fukushima

ISBN 9783895863219  

Studies on Ba Resultative Construction

Picus Sizhi Ding

ISBN 9783895864919  

The Katuic Languages

Paul Sidwell

ISBN 9783895868023  

Topic Chains in Chinese

Wendan Li

ISBN 9783895863714  

Languages of the World/Materials

A Grammar of Magar Kaike

Ambika Regmi

ISBN 9783862884933

A Grammar of Chhatthare Limbu

Govinda Bahadur Tumbahang

ISBN 9783862887583

A Reference Grammar of Dhimal

Karnakhar Khatiwada

ISBN 9783862888245

A Grammar of Dumi

Netra Mani Rai

ISBN 9783862888320

A Grammar of Longxi Qiang

Zheng Wuxi

ISBN 9783862888313  

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