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Information for authors

The book LINCOM publishes studies on basic research as well as textbooks and handbooks in all academic disciplines. The studies are mainly written in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Italian. The manuscripts should be submitted well proof-read and layouted either as a pdf (converted by Adobe Acrobat Destiller) or a laser-printed copy. Please attach an abstract of max. 200 words.

- Dissertations · World-wide distribution and world-wide promotion:

- CIP-title applicatons, ISBN number.
- Professional editing (cover: 270 gsm., 4 signatures, laminated; inner part: printed on chlorine free paper, 90/100 gsm; perfect binding).
- Registrations of all titles are sent by LINCOM to the 'association of evaluation' VG Wort. All authors from Switzerland or the European Community receive an unique payment from 'VG Wort' ( for unauthorized copying of their studies (e.g. in copy shops).
- Review copies are sent to journals on demand.


All titles are available either from the publisher or from book stores and international agencies (see list above). Individuals either pay by creditcard or receive a proforma-invoice. LINCOM's website is up-dated monthly showing all new titles. All titles also can be ordered from the net.

The book Submission of manuscripts Please send manuscripts, or proposals for new projects, series, etc. to the following address: email: fax: +49 89 62269404; +49 89 4444 99 00. postal address: LINCOM GmbH, Gmunder Str. 35, D-81379 Muenchen, Germany

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